What Are The Different Types Of Dominos Pizza Crusts 2022

It might interest you to ask what are the different types of Dominos pizza crusts. Even if you regularly buy from the same pizza restaurant, it may be tough to locate the right pizza because there are so many options. The various styles of crusts available at Domino’s are equivalent to the various types of pizza.

There is always a variety of pizzas available that are suitable for every occasion.

When you’re on the run, you might want to grab some snacks or eat a modest dinner while watching your favourite television show.

While this might be useful on occasion, it can also have detrimental repercussions.

You gain from having several options, but you may become bewildered as to which type of crust or pizza best suits the occasion.

Domino’s is a well-known pizza chain known throughout the world for its wonderful pizza. They, like other pizza places, have a big assortment to choose from, which may make it difficult for you to decide.

As a result, we’ve created the ultimate pizza ordering guide to assist you in making the best decision possible.

We’ll look at what are the different types of Dominos Pizza Crusts for you to choose from.

Continue reading if you want to know which Domino’s crust is the best, as well as learn more about how they are manufactured and taste, in order to select which pizza will be the best choice for your supper or a simple and quick snack.

What Are The Different Types Of Dominos Pizza Crusts

What Are The Different Types Of Dominos Pizza Crusts

1. Deep-Pan Crust 

Despite the fact that this is not a deep-dish pizza, Domino’s has labeled it as such. However, it is not as tall as Chicago’s famous deep-dish pizza, and the dough is not as thick. This pizza dough is also baked in a pan, resulting in a pizza with a raised crust.

In contrast, the dough is placed on the bottom of the pan and wrapped around the edges so that it does not extend up the sides.

Domin’s fresh pan pizza is a scratch-made pan pizza that was introduced in 2012.

Domino’s fresh pan pizza, with its somewhat thick crust, provides for a very fulfilling supper.

The crust on these pizzas is frequently thicker than the dough on ordinary pizza franchise pies. Because there is a lot of sauce on it, the exterior must be crispy so that it does not sog when lifted.

As a result, the crust is baked with a thin layer of brushed oil underneath it while it bakes.

This method fries the crust’s outer parts, producing a strong and crispy crust that can resist the weight of the heavy and wet toppings. A crunchy shell covers a fluffy centre with just enough air to keep it from becoming too dense. That means the crust’s exterior is crispy, but the inside is soft.

2. Classic Crust

If you prefer a thinner pizza crust, the Classic Crust from Domino’s is a suitable option when ordering our pizza crust. It is one of the best pizza crusts in the business, and it also makes a terrific dinner. It is made using the same dough components as the previous recipe and baked in the same manner.

In terms of crust, it falls in between deep pan dough and the crisp thin pizza crust seen at your neighbourhood pizza joint.

The crust’s edges are crispy, and the crust can hold slightly larger toppings like sausages and thick slices of vegetables. However, the insides are more compressed, making them exceedingly chewy.

Yes, the insides of the crust can still be light and airy, but not to the same extent as with the other options. The dense centre of the tortilla adds to its hardness and chewy texture, which works well with the toppings. It has exactly the correct amount of sauce and cheese on top, and the toppings are exploding with flavour.

If you prefer pineapples on your pizza, try it with chicken pizza, pepperoni pizza, sausages, or a mix of the three. A slice of Domino’s Classic Crust is the finest option for getting the most out of your meal, whether you’re just starting off your stomach or planning to eat something else for dinner.

3. Hand-tossed Crust 

Although this option is not featured on Domino’s official website, it is available in the majority of their locations around the country. It is also a compromise between a deep pan and a thin crust. It can also be served as a snack or appetizer because it is thinner than the regular Domino’s crust.

Some of the traditional procedures utilized in its manufacturing have been included because it is handcrafted. The dough’s unusual flattened edges are owing to the dough’s shape.

Toss it in the air and watch as the spinning action forces the dough’s edges to expand, stretching and shaping it as a result.

For the same reason, the hand-tossed dough at Domino’s and most other pizza joints is not ideally round. They can be made into a circular shape using a sheet pan.

The crispy exterior of this pizza pops off as you bite into it, or you can cut a piece from the entire pie.

It works very well with thin toppings, and the flavour complements the marinara sauce really well. The crust is usually golden brown, and it’s a great snack for when you want something a little heavier.

It may not fill you up with just two slices, but it will make you crave more in the long run.

4. Thin ā€˜Nā€™ Crispy Crust  

One of the most popular types of crust is the thin and crispy crust found in pizza businesses. This is also available at Domino’s, and it didn’t take long for people to embrace it after it was launched. Because it is a healthier option, it is typically the first choice when customers order from Domino’s.

Because it uses less dough, it does not leave the stomach feeling full even after a few slices. The manufacturing process starts with a smaller dough ball that is allowed to rise for a longer amount of time.

This dough can be stretched far further than the dough used for deep pan crust and regular crust.

When cooked at exceptionally high temperatures, it cooks faster than most other pizza types, resulting in a crispy texture.

When you break it apart or bite into it, it almost looks like you’re eating a cracker.

However, it also has just the proper amount of air and a bread-like feel, giving it a texture more akin to a pizza.

It has no discernible impact on the overall flavour of the pizza.

The sauce, cheese, and toppings on this pizza are frequently thinner than those seen on other types of pizza.

The thin ‘n’ crispy crust from Domino’s is ideal when coupled with the finely cut toppings.

5. Cheesy Crust

Thin and crispy crusts are one of the most common types of crusts found in pizza restaurants. It was also offered at Domino’s and quickly gained popularity among customers after it was added to the menu.

Because it is a healthier option, it is typically the first choice when customers order from Domino’s. Because it is produced with less dough, it does not feel heavy in the stomach even after a few slices.

In the manufacturing process, a smaller ball of dough is used, and it is allowed to rise for a longer period of time. In comparison to a deep pan and typical crust dough, this allows it to be stretched.

It has a crispier texture than most other pizza kinds due to the rapid cooking period at extremely high temperatures. It almost seems like you’re eating a cracker when you break it apart or bite into it!

The interior of the pizza, on the other hand, has just the perfect amount of air and a bread-like texture, giving it a more pizza-like feeling.

It doesn’t make a major difference in terms of overall flavour.

Thin crust pizza’s sauce, cheese, and toppings are frequently more delicate than other types of pizza.

Domino’s thin ‘n’ crispy crust is just hard enough to hold the thinly sliced toppings in place.

6. Edge Crust 

This is another type of crust that is not widely known, and you will be unable to order it if you are unfamiliar with Domino’s, particularly if you are unfamiliar with its menu, which is not generally shown in the front of the store.

The edge crust is prepared from the same dough that is used to make the standard crust. It is stretched thinner to flatten the edge, and it is sometimes cooked separately before being blended with other components.

As a result, the outer crust becomes extremely crispy. The edge of the pizza has a darker brown colour than the rest of the pizza, which works nicely with the salty flavour.

The name stems from the fact that the toppings are stacked up to the crust’s edge. To support the toppings all the way to the edge, the crust must be thicker than the thin ‘n’ crispy crust.

It cooks until firm and crispy for the same reason that it holds the toppings in place: to keep them in place.


Domino’s offers numerous types of pizza dough that are appropriate for a range of occasions. They can serve a delightful snack or supper for any occasion by using only the finest ingredients.

There are numerous options to choose from, so you will almost likely discover one that matches your requirements. All you have to do is select your toppings and place your order. It will only take a few minutes for your pizza to be brought to your home, and you will have the opportunity to sample the best crusts that Domino’s has to offer.

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