How to Cut Cucumber for Sushi

Sushi is, in fact, the first thing that comes to mind when considering scrumptious Japanese cuisine. Everyone will like their mouthful after consuming this traditional, genuine meal from Japan with its taste of freshness, and this is one of the reasons to learn how to cut cucumber for sushi.

The capital of the nation, Tokyo, is home to some of the best sushi restaurants on the entire globe. However, sushi is more than just combining components like fish, rice, nori, or seaweed.

Cucumber is one of the main elements that give this Japanese dish its flavor.

Learn how to cut cucumber for sushi using this comprehensive instruction. We have gathered some simple instructions on how to cut cucumber for sushi rolls as well. So, let’s jump right in, and keep going.

Cucumber as a Prime Ingredient of Sushi

Japanese cuisine would not be complete without sushi’s classic and authentic gastronomic treat. Both Japanese people and people from other countries are extremely familiar with sushi.

And as we all know, the key component of every sushi roll, including the traditional, classic, Californian, and Kappamaki varieties, is cucumber.

Every sushi dish benefits greatly from the beautiful and excellent ingredient of cucumber. It gives this Japanese meal a delicious texture in addition to spicing up the flavor.

Where Do Cucumbers Come From?

Chefs employ cucumber, a versatile fruit, in a variety of recipes. It is a fruit with a rough feel and a cylinder form. In today’s world, cucumbers are the best ingredient for many dishes including salads and sushi.

Many people think India is where cucumbers first appeared. They are traded and grown in markets all over the world in a variety of sizes and types.

What Kinds of Cucumber Are There?

Cucumbers come in three popular varieties: burpless, pickling, and slicing. Types that don’t burp often have thin skin and no seeds. This cucumber does not have a bitter taste.

Pickling is the second kind. Pickling are shorter cucumbers that are only 6-inch long. On the other hand, salads, and sushi rolls are always made with the slicing kind. They are larger and typically 12 inches long.

How to Cut Cucumbers for Sushi? Here are the five easy steps:

You now know that sushi and cucumbers go together. Whether you’ve made sushi before or are a seasoned pro, you can probably relate to how difficult it can be.

Sushi-making is similar to art. You must cut the veggies or other items, like the cucumber, with grace and accuracy.

Because of this, cucumber cutting techniques have been created in recent years by sushi enthusiasts and producers. This approach has been applied thus far. We will teach you the cutting technique today.

However, you might want to get some basic supplies first, such as a cutting board, a peeler, and a sharp knife, before you start chopping cucumbers for your sushi.

If you faithfully carry out these simple instructions, congrats! You will shortly cut cucumber like a pro.

Step 1: Peel the Cucumber

It will help if you have water to lubricate the knife before you start chopping the cucumber.

As you cut the cucumber, this will allow you to cut down on time. By lubricating the blade, you may more easily slide and glide through the cucumber without getting stuck.

The cucumber can now be peeled after this procedure. Simply clip the cucumber’s ends, then use a vegetable peeler to peel it into long strips.

However, this approach is simply optional. The cucumber’s skin can be removed, or the peel can be kept. It is up to you.

Step 2: Split the Cucumber in half

The cucumber should be peeled first, then cut in half in the middle so that you have two pieces of it. With one hand, hold the cucumber firmly while using the other to remove the skin.

Keep in mind that you must rotate slowly and continuously while doing this. Additionally, make sure to cut the cucumber as uniformly as you can. Then, using a spoon, carefully remove the cucumber’s seeds.

Step 3: Take out the cucumber core

We’ll assume that you’re holding two cucumber halves at this point. Take out the cucumber core evenly and slowly with a sharp knife.

Even though it might seem irrelevant, removing the core is important because you’ll subsequently cut the cucumber into sticks. You can easily make cucumber sticks if you can remove the core evenly.

Step 4. Cut the cucumber into sticks.

The cucumber must now be positioned with its bottom side facing up. Cut the cucumber into sticks that are about 1/2 cm thick with a sharp knife.

When you’re finished, hold the sticks together and trim any extra if necessary. To make sure that all of the cucumber strips are the same length, the ends must be cut.

Half of a nori sheet would be the ideal length. However, doing so is merely optional. Some people simply favor this since they don’t want their sushi to have a rich flavor.

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What Are the Various Cucumber Cuts Used in Sushi Rolls?

We would learn that there are various techniques to cut cucumber for sushi rolls from the various sushi establishments found around the world. The Julienne method is the most popular and simple route. The medium-sized cut is another name for the Julienne method.

Another way to cut the cucumber using the Batonnete technique is the thick and extended form. Lastly, there is what we refer to as the Fine Julienne.

How to Cut Cucumbers Using the Julienne Way?

The cucumber must first be completely peeled and stripped. Continue by cutting off both ends after that.

It would then be beneficial if you cut the cucumber in half, giving you two identical round pieces. Next, place each half on the smallest end and stand it up.

Continue by cutting a square to enclose the cucumber seeds. To give you four cucumber panels is the purpose of this. Put them apart.

The other half requires the same procedure.

Then, lining up every cucumber panel from side to side would make things simpler. Then, cut it to a width of about 1/4 inch.

How Should You Cut Cucumbers When Using a Batonnet?

The cucumber must first be peeled before being sliced into Julienne-style pieces at the ends.

The cucumber must be sliced from end to end as you proceed to split it in half. You now have two pieces that are long and half-round.

Utilize a spoon to scrape the cucumber seeds.

Having cut a cucumber into a C shape, arrange them like cucumber panels. Use the Julienne method to cut them by slicing 14 to 1.3 sticks up from the top down to the bottom.

What Types of Cucumbers Are Used to Make Sushi?

For making sushi, there are many cucumber options. What you use will depend on your preferences, tastes, and sense of style. But observe! Here, we’ve gathered the top three cucumbers used in sushi.

Japanese cucumber

Japanese cucumbers are cylindrical, long, slender, and have thin skin. Japanese cucumbers, which don’t have developed seeds or a bitter flavor as other cucumbers do, make great additions to sushi rolls.

Given that they are good to eat and simple to handle, the Japanese preferred this. Additionally, English and Persian cucumbers are about the same size as Japanese cucumbers.

2. English Cucumber

English cucumbers are also known as seedless cucumbers, cucumbers grown in greenhouses, or European cucumbers. However, English cucumbers were usually found in grocery stores or marketplaces, wrapped in sturdy plastic.

The English cucumber has a mild flavor, thin skin, and nearly no seeds. Therefore, there is no question that English Cucumbers are frequently utilized when preparing sushi.

Additionally, English is simple to cut practically to the same size as the nori sheet.

3. Persian Cucumber

Persian cucumbers are substantially smaller than English or Japanese cucumbers. They also have fewer seeds, a smoother surface, and thin skin.

They are thinner, have a moderate flavor, and a crisp inside when you look at them closely.

Let’s say you want to create sushi, but you can’t find a Japanese or English cucumber. If that happens, Persian Cucumber would be an excellent substitute.

Which cucumber works best for making sushi?

English Cucumber is allegedly the best cucumber ingredient for sushi, according to sushi experts. They claim that English cucumbers are grown to produce a cucumber without any unfavorable traits.

These unattractive traits include large, immature seeds, unpleasant taste, and tough exterior skin.

Due to their ease of use, English cucumbers are preferred by the majority of chefs while making sushi. Additionally, the skin is delicate and thin, and the cucumbers are typically straight.

Furthermore, English cucumbers have a more consistent flavor when compared to other varieties.

Final Reflections

You may be thinking right now that preparing sushi requires some skill and complexity. Sushi is, after all, all about fashion, accuracy, and perfection, but don’t try to be hard on yourself.

The good news is that you can make your perfect sushi at home by meticulously following the instructions we have provided. You’ll become an expert at preparing sushi eventually. Then what do we have? Roll out your sushi and serve it!


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