How many Brussel Sprouts Per Person for Serving Crowd

If you’re wondering how many Brussels sprouts you’ll need for a person or a crowd, you’ve come to the right place. Although there is a well-known serving size, it is frequently ignored, rendering it invalid when attempting to estimate how many sprouts will be required for a group of people. However, there is a clear estimate of how many Brussels sprouts each person will consume.

A third of a pound of Brussels sprouts is required per person to feed a crowd. Men typically consume 1/2 pound, while women consume 1/4 pound. A serving contains only four Brussels sprouts; however, most people double the serving size. If additional dishes are provided, fewer are required.

There are many inexpensive ways to serve brussels sprouts to a large group, which is what every host will want to do. Continue reading to find out how many brussel sprouts per person.

What Is the Serving Size of Brussels Sprouts?

A single serving contains four Brussels sprouts, which is equivalent to three ounces. Brussels sprouts contain 40 calories per serving, making them an ideal healthy side dish.

Brussels sprouts are low in calories and high in nutrients like potassium and protein. However, the majority of people who cook brussels sprouts use ingredients that significantly reduce their nutritional value.

While there is a recommended serving size, many people disregard it. Opens in a new tab Portion size is steadily rising, especially in the United States.

Portion size has deviated significantly from serving size over the last 20 years. Portion sizes are increasing everywhere, from restaurants to individual households. This means that most people eat far more than they should, which can have a significant impact on their overall health.

how many Brussel sprouts per person Severing:

Most people believe that each person should only eat one Brussels sprout. However, this is not always the case. Consuming more than one Brussels sprout per person can be advantageous!

They can be backed by

  • Potato Mashed
  • Potatoes roasted
  • Beans, Green

and much, much more

A serving of Brussels sprouts is approximately 2, or 8 sprouts. Don’t worry if you can’t quite reach that number; a few more or fewer sprouts won’t make much of a difference.

What does one brussel sprout serving look like?

What does one Brussels sprout serving look like? – At a picnic, cut 4-5 in half and serve with roast pumpkin as a stand-alone side dish.

That’s all there is to it! So now you know how many Brussels sprouts are in a serving so you can include them in a healthy, balanced diet.

How many Brussels Sprout servings are there in a cup, half-cup, or ounce?

This will be useful if you strictly monitor your calorie intake.

  • A cup of Brussels sprouts contains about 4-5 Brussels sprouts.
  • A half-cup serving is equivalent to two Brussels sprouts.
  • One ounce is roughly equivalent to three Brussels sprouts.

So, depending on how you measure it, a cup, a half-cup, or an ounce contains a different number of Brussels sprouts.


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Table Of Exact Amount Of Brussel Sprouts To Serve For People At A Party Source:

How Much Brussel Sprouts Do You Need for Different Events and Occasions?

The amount of Brussels sprouts you’ll need for your event or occasion will be determined by a number of factors, but we’ve averaged them out in the table so check it out.

What to Serve With Brussels Sprouts

1. Salad

Salad is an excellent side dish to accompany Brussels sprouts. Any salad will do, whether it’s a classic Caesar or a simple house salad. Many salads include brussels sprouts, demonstrating that they pair well with vegetables.

Salad is a common accompaniment to Brussels sprouts, and it’s easy to see why. Salad and Brussels sprouts complement each other perfectly, enhancing each other’s flavors.

2. Soup

Soup is the second dish that can be served with Brussels sprouts. Soup is a popular side dish choice because it is hearty and filling. Soup with meat, in particular, should be carefully considered.

Pork chop soup is frequently served with Brussels sprouts because pork chops and all types of meat go well together. Although pork chop soup may appear obscure, it is an excellent accompaniment to Brussels sprouts.

3. Pasta

Pasta is another dish that goes well with brussels sprouts. Because pasta is a staple in many people’s diets, everyone enjoys it. Any type of pasta will suffice, and there are many to choose from. However, if inspiration is needed, fettuccine alfredo is simple to prepare and reasonably priced, making it an ideal pasta to serve at any event. Any type of pasta, however, should be considered.

4. Chicken

If the host prefers a more substantial dish to accompany the Brussels sprouts, the chicken should be considered. The chicken will complement the vegetable regardless of how it is prepared.

Whether baked, grilled, or boiled, the chicken should be served with Brussels sprouts. If chicken is served, fewer Brussels sprouts are required. This is because the majority of the attendees will consume more chicken than vegetables.

How Much Will a Crowd Pay for Brussels Sprouts?


The cost of providing Brussels sprouts for a large group is a major source of concern. Many people who are hosting an event will want to cut costs in any way they can, which means they will want to shop at grocery stores that offer the best deals. The following is a list of the most popular stores to buy Brussels sprouts from, as well as the prices.

Brussels sprouts cost $2.97 per pound at Walmart open in a new tab. This means that 7 pounds of sprouts will be required for a group of 20, costing less than $21. Walmart is one of the cheapest grocery stores to buy Brussels sprouts from.

Brussels sprouts cost $2.69 per 12 ounces at TargetOpens in a new tab. This means that for a group of 20, 9 bags of sprouts will be required, which will cost slightly more than $24. Target should be avoided when shopping for Brussels sprouts because Brussels sprouts from Target are much more expensive, especially when purchased in bulk. Produce from Target, on the other hand, is frequently of higher quality than produce from Walmart.

Brussels sprouts are $2.99 per pound at AlbertsonsOpens in a new tab. This means that 7 pounds of sprouts will be required for a group of 29, costing nearly $21. Albertsons’ price for Brussels sprouts is comparable to Walmart’s, so it should be considered when shopping for a large event.

How to Limit the Amount of Brussels Sprouts Needed

1. Serve the Brussels Sprouts first.

The first method for reducing the number of brussels sprouts required for a group is to preserve the vegetable. Individuals will be less likely to take more than they can eat if the sprouts are preserved. Pre-erving brussels sprouts can be accomplished by placing the sprouts on a plate prior to the event. This way, guests can take a plate with a predetermined number of brussels sprouts on it.

The disadvantage of preserving brussels sprouts is that it requires preparation. Some hosts may be too preoccupied to prepare and serve the sprouts ahead of time. Furthermore, some people who may have consumed fewer brussels sprouts will no longer have this option. This means that some will go to waste, which is something that many hosts are attempting to avoid.

Although hosts will try to avoid waste, pre-preserving the sprouts will significantly reduce the number of Brussels sprouts required overall. Furthermore, if the host has enough time to prepare the sprouts ahead of time, it is an excellent choice.

2. Smaller plates should be used.

Using smaller plates is another way to reduce the number of brussels sprouts required. People will naturally eat less when they use smaller plates open in a new tab. This means that people will eat fewer Brussels sprouts because their plate appears to be fuller than they would be if they used larger plates. Furthermore, only a small number of sprouts will fit on the plate.

Because of the Delboeuf effect, using smaller plates reduces the number of Brussels sprouts required.

This link will open in a new tab. This effect tricks the mind into believing that the person is eating more food than they actually are. With the Delboeuf effect in effect, fewer Brussels sprouts will be required when using smaller plates.

3. Offer Sides

No matter what is served, sides should always be provided. Because other foods will be provided, sides are the simplest way to reduce the number of Brussels sprouts required. Furthermore, many people dislike sprouts, so the host should provide alternate options to account for taste differences.

4. Make Your Own Brussels Sprouts

The final way to reduce the number of brussels sprouts required is to serve them yourself. Individuals are less likely to request more if the host serves them. Furthermore, they will be less likely to take on more than they can handle. Serving the brussels sprouts yourself is an excellent way to reduce the number of sprouts required.

How Many Brussels Sprouts if Other Sides Are Included?

If Brussels sprouts are used in dishes or as a side, fewer sprouts are required. This is because many people will substitute other sides or dishes for Brussels sprouts.

Furthermore, given how many foods are served, even those who do eat the sprouts will likely only eat a few of them because they will not have enough room for them.

Furthermore, if other sides are served alongside the Brussels sprouts, less money will be spent on the sprouts. The greater the number of sides, the less money the event must spend on Brussels sprouts.


If there are other sides, men will eat a third of a pound of Brussels sprouts. Although this is significantly less than what they normally consume, it is to be expected when multiple sides are served.


Women will eat one-fifth of a pound of Brussels sprouts if other sides are provided.


Brussels sprouts are not commonly consumed by children. The vast majority of them will avoid this vegetable at all costs. If they do eat them, they usually only eat three ounces, which is equivalent to one serving. This amounts to only four Brussels sprouts.

How Many Brussels Sprouts Do You Need If You Don’t Have Any Other Sides?

More Brussels sprouts will be required if no other sides are available. It is, however, recommended that those hosting an event provide additional sides and dishes.


Men will eat more than half a pound of Brussels sprouts if there are no other sides. This may appear to be an abundance of sprouts, but they are not particularly filling. This means that if nothing else is served with them, men can eat a lot of Brussels sprouts.


Women can eat a third of a pound of Brussels sprouts if no sides are served with them. This is not as much as the men can eat, but it is still an unusually large amount of Brussels sprouts.


As previously stated, most children dislike Brussels sprouts. However, if nothing else is available, they may resort to eating them. Assume that kids will only consume three ounces of Brussels sprouts.


That brings us to the end of the estimate calculation for how many Brussel Sprouts per person can be served in a crowd.

Brussels sprouts are cabbage that belongs to the Brassica family. This vegetable is indigenous to Belgium, where it was first cultivated in the 16th century. Brussels sprouts were introduced to America in the early nineteenth century and have since become a popular addition to many holiday meals.

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