TOP 10 BEST Chilean Desserts

Choosing the best Chilean desserts isn’t the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do, but it wasn’t easy either.

It’s difficult to choose a favorite among the luscious Tres Leches Cake, the absolutely unusual Mote con Huesillos, and the delicate Chilean Thousand Layer Cake.

And it doesn’t even begin to cover all of the wonderful dessert alternatives available in Chilean cuisine!

The tremendous range of Chilean delights is the finest part.

Crispy, deep-fried tortillas or puffy, airy cakes may be served as desserts. There are even delectable dessert beverages to consider!

So, while compiling the ten best Chilean dessert dishes that have ever been tried took some effort, I believe I did the list right.

I hope I’ve included some of your favorites as well!

TOP 10 BEST Chilean Desserts

TOP 10 BEST Chilean Desserts

1. Chilean Alfajores 

With this fantastic recipe, you can create approximately 35 double-decker cookies in less than an hour.

The recipe calls for dulce de leche filling, but you may also use huevo mol or molasses paste.

Regardless of the filling, you’ll have a delicious, soft, nutritious cookie with fewer than 100 calories per serving.

2. Dulce de Leche Cake from Chile

If you’ve ever prepared a pumpkin roll, you’ll know just how to make this delightful treat.

It’s similar to a pumpkin roll, but it’s made with other components. The cake is soft, moist, and spongy, with a milky, caramel-like filling.

It takes some time to make, and you must take care not to break it while rolling it.

The secret is to coat the cake with powdered sugar before wrapping it in a similarly dusted tea towel. The recipe does an excellent job of describing how to accomplish this.

When it’s all rolled up and sprinkled with powdered sugar, you’ll know that every minute you spent crafting it was worthwhile. It’s outstanding.

3. Manjar

Manjar is also referred to as “Peruvian dulce de leche” and “homemade dulce de leche.” Whatever you call it, it’s delicious.

Whole milk, vanilla extract, sugar, and baking soda are all you need to make it.

The first three ingredients will be boiled until thickened and caramel-coloured. Then stir in the baking soda.

It’s done when it achieves a pudding-like consistency. Allow cooling before serving.

4. Chilean Thousand Layer Cake

This flaky, crispy delicacy has been dubbed “the most classic of Chilean cakes.” It doesn’t have a thousand layers, but it has many.

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Some layers are thin and crisp, while others are like sweet and sticky jam. Others are overflowing with dulce de leche. Some people season it with walnuts, rhubarb, or whipped cream.

It takes roughly an hour to prepare for the oven, but all culinary works of art take some time. They are always worthwhile in the long run.

5. Mote con Huesillos (Wheat and Peach Drink)

This is a unique dessert that you have most likely never experienced.

It’s a Chilean dessert drink made with peaches, pearl barley, cinnamon, sugar, and an orange peel. The flavour is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.

The peaches are the most prominent flavour, but you’ll also detect hints of orange (or lemon) peel and cinnamon.

The barley thickens the drink slightly, while the pearls at the bottom provide many of the strongest flavours.

6. Chilean Sopapillas 

Sopapillas are delicious if you’ve ever had them. They’re deep-fried bites of sweet and crispy Heaven.

The cup of pumpkin puree added to these sopapillas gives them a particular Chilean flavour.

It is preferred to be served warm with a dipping sauce of hot molasses. Yummy yummy.

7. Leche Asada (Roasted Milk) 

Although it takes an hour to bake, this classic Chilean delicacy simply takes around 10 minutes to prepare.

It tastes the finest when you create your own caramel, so that’s where I’d start.

After that, simply combine the remaining ingredients and pour them over the caramel. Bake it, then set it aside to cool before serving. It’s both simple and delicious.

8. Chilean Strawberry Kuchen

I adore strawberries, and this dessert is brimming with them.

To prepare this berry tart, you’ll need standard baking items like eggs, sugar, butter, flour, baking powder, salt, and so on.

This recipe contains no unique or difficult-to-find ingredients.

Don’t allow the number of stages in the recipe to deter you from trying it. It appears to be a lot, yet it is quite simple.

The entire preparation time is only 30 minutes. Make the cookie crust first, then add the pastry cream and strawberries and bake the tart again.

Put it in the fridge overnight and you’ll have a lovely strawberry tart for breakfast, lunch, or dinner the next day.

9. Tres Leches Cake 

Tres Leches Cake literally means “three milk cake,” and that is exactly what this delicacy is. Sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, and whole milk is used.

As a result, you’ll have one of the fluffiest, moistest, spongiest cakes you’ve ever had.

It’s soft and tasty, and the cinnamon-dusted fresh whipped cream topping makes it even better. This is a timeless classic.

10. Chilean Holiday Fruitcake (Pan de Pascua) Recipe

In Chile, this cake is commonly served at Easter and Christmas, although it’s delicious any time of year.

It’s almost like a cross between spice cakes and fruitcakes, flavoured with rum and packed with spices, nuts, and dried fruit.

However, the texture is more like banana nut bread. Don’t be put off by the recipe, as you should not be with the Chilean strawberry kuchen. It does have more than a dozen components, but the vast bulk of them are spices.

It just takes around 30 minutes to make and tastes fantastic.


Many additional desserts are popular in Chile, including lemon pie, rice pudding, semolina pudding, bavarois, and pancakes.

Local fruit is also available in simple preparations, such as papayas served with cream (particularly in the country’s north), chestnut purée made with real chestnuts (particularly in Chile’s south), or bananas with palm syrup, which can be then extracted directly from the leaves of palm trees and has a taste similar to dark honey or maple syrup.

Chileans adore ice cream and consume it all year. You’ll find several unusual native delicacies here, such as the previously mentioned manjár-lcuma.

If you visit the Atacama desert, we recommend trying ice cream made from rica-rica (an aromatic indigenous herb), chaar (a local fruit), and Algarrobo (carob fruit). Maqui ice cream, which is high in antioxidants, is popular in Chile’s south. They are all created using natural substances.

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